Who, me?

Hi, my name is Ida Marie Christensen and I am a 20 year old Multimediedesigner. I have a PA degree in multimediedesign and communication at CPH Business in Lyngby. My knowing and traning in visual communication, suits me well to stand for communication both written and visual.

I chose to take a HHX High School because I wanted to work with a Business subject. But when I gratuated , I chose to follow my childhood dream to educate me in the creative arts.

I set many goals in my life, and I work incredibly hard to achieve them. I want what i want and I am willing to go extra long to achive succes. I must admit that I am a perfectionist. For if somethings goes wrong, I insist on thinking in opportunities and take responsibility for it, so it ultimatley succeeded. It has borne many good results but also night whiytout sleep.

I spend much of my free time on creating posters and pictures in Adobe illustrator in my spare time. I have a dream to open my own webshop with posters and pictures for homes both globally and locally. You are welcome to check out some of my latest work in my photo gallery here.

I am visual and sees things i pictures. I love alle colors, and how they effec your mind and inspire ypu. I also have a penchant for recycling, good materials and clean lines. which goes well with my inspiration for the Nordic Design, both architectural and gastronomic.

You can read my CV here


Beautiful Design

Every website is beautiful, unique and tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

I guarantee a good solid cooperation

I am an attentive, conscientious happy girl with a high energy level that nevertheless maintains an overview especially in stressful situations.

Clean Code

All websites are written in valid and clean HTML5 / CSS3 & JavaScript (jQuery).

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